Name Year Established Claim Status
Featured Piano Brand Example 2011 Claimed
Yamaha 1887 Unclaimed
Petrof 1864 Unclaimed
Schimmel 1885 Unclaimed
Bösendorfer 1828 Unclaimed
Gotzmann Unclaimed
Prestel Unclaimed
Bechstein, C. Unclaimed
Kaiser Unclaimed
Lindbergh Unclaimed
Steigerman Unclaimed
Quandt Unclaimed
Bristol Unclaimed
Zeitter & Winkelmann Unclaimed
Lighte, F. C. Unclaimed
Evertides Unclaimed
Neuburger, Adolf Unclaimed
American Music Unclaimed
W.Naessens Unclaimed
Schröder, C.M. Unclaimed
Daniël Unclaimed
Hallett & Cumston Unclaimed
Billberg Unclaimed
Knauer Unclaimed
Maier,K. Unclaimed
Stroud Unclaimed
Ritter Unclaimed
Camillo Unclaimed
French Starck Unclaimed
Paul Werner (Dresden) Unclaimed
Auburn Unclaimed
Wertheim Unclaimed
Humphrey, London Unclaimed
Shoninger Unclaimed
Duck-Son & Pinker Unclaimed
Hazelton Brothers Unclaimed
Branston Unclaimed
La Petite Unclaimed
Melford Unclaimed
Tuch & Geyer Unclaimed
Sames,William Unclaimed
Clementi Unclaimed
Mikula, Gebr. Unclaimed
Adam, G. Unclaimed
Van Lieshout Unclaimed
Scharf & Hauk Unclaimed
Cornish Unclaimed
Grover Unclaimed
Bellman Unclaimed
Kenny & Sons Unclaimed
Lippmann Unclaimed
Steinmann, Wilh. Unclaimed
Red October Unclaimed
Brunner Unclaimed
Fazioli Unclaimed
Nijmatten Unclaimed
André Unclaimed
Wasniczek Unclaimed
Hoerr, Franz Unclaimed
Schütz & Co. Unclaimed
Diederichs Freres Unclaimed
Hansmann, Gebr. Unclaimed
Bocage Unclaimed
Krakauer Brothers Unclaimed
Markx Unclaimed
Tchaikovsky Unclaimed
Ronaldi Unclaimed
Chappell & Co. Unclaimed
George Steck Unclaimed
Peukert Unclaimed
Bailey Unclaimed
Wilkinson & Wornum Unclaimed
Jahn Unclaimed
Sohmer & Co. Unclaimed
Eckstein Unclaimed
Helmholz Unclaimed
Legnica Unclaimed
Woodchester Unclaimed
Lester Unclaimed
Essex Unclaimed
Müller Unclaimed
Alden Unclaimed
Vogel & Sohn Unclaimed
Schindler Unclaimed
Czapka & Sohn Unclaimed
Haegele of Aalen Unclaimed
Bernhard Steiner Unclaimed
Klavins Unclaimed
Luner Unclaimed
Stöcker, Theodor Unclaimed
Rhiendorf Unclaimed
Butler Bros. Unclaimed
Focké Unclaimed
Palatino Unclaimed
Army & Navy Unclaimed
Weinstein and Sons Unclaimed
Hohner Unclaimed
Sejung Piano Co. Unclaimed
Dörner Unclaimed